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Help me with my love life :D

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Ok Life section, help me out!!

So theres two girls, S and A

Im taking A to homecoming in a week about, but I dont think shes really into me. She bought her own ticket, doesnt text me much, doesnt really flirt, has no time to hang with me (ever)

S is always flirting with me, texts, intense hugs :allears: winks and all that flirty shit

im just trying to get some pussy here, so I ask you:

should i wait on A until after homecoming (a week with no action??) or try to get with S asap? I'd feel kinda bad if I tried to get with S while A is my homecoming date

the TL;DR version :Should I wait for some potential pussy with homecoming date or fuck (disregard) that ho and try to get some more likely pussy with another bitch  :datass:
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Go with S especially if you feel like it could lead to something sounds like A just wants a date.One time pussy isn't worth risking something special.
Well your not with either so they can't say shit lol but if I was you I'd focus on who I really want,hope everything turns out good. :)
KToThee said:
yeah that or shes just trying to be nice, would it be bad if i 'hungout' with s even though im still going with a to hc?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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