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Help me with my Kanye Collection.

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Need help with my Kanye West collection.

Hey guys, I think some of you have collections of all of Ye's stuff, albums and what not. I decided I wanted to get hard copies of all his shit because I am just tired of bumping songs on itunes, and then I took that a step further and decided I wanted to get hard copies of basically everything he has done.


I am mainly wondering about all the different versions of all the albums, even if they are minuscule. Like for 808s, isn't there a deluxe and not deluxe? (I guess his other albums have that too). Is there one version that doesn't have Pinocchio Story? And for the mixtapes, is there such thing as getting hard copies of all...like, six of them? Please give me any information he can. Thanks.

EDIT: Should I even go out of my way to get every version of every album even if the differences are small or is that too crazy?
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if you getting picky bout it there 2 versions of graduation and 808s a paper case and a jewel one
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