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Help me out! Adobe Audition/Microphone questions...

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So im relatively new to rapping, and when i actually get around to recording something, all i have is audacity and an xbox headset. so quality is usually lacking. i have adobe audition, but when i record over a beat, the song will skip at random times, and ruin the playback completely. any idea how to fix that??

plus, does anyone know where i can get a cheap but good quality mic?
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I have a samson c01u and its nice. its a usb mic so u just plug into ur computer through usb. and as for audition, i use that too, and if it's skipping you may have to just get a better computer. that happened on my old computer that wasnt as updated as my moms, which i use now. and when you get adobe audition and a better mic, i can give you the settings i use to have a pretty decent studio quality sound
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