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Help LV Jaspers

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guys... i'm new in here... just arrived from kanyelive....

sry if its off topic

is this real??? this are my favorite shoes, i love'em really. would be a dream coming true if i could get this jaspers
the guy who is selling these said he got'em from a friend in L.A. who had to close his shop... they looking quite original


authentic or fake??
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Here's a tip. Keep checking ebay, flightclub.com, and the marketplace at solecollector.com. If it's a brand new unworn pair and less than around $1000, it's fake. These came out in LV stores for around $1000 a pair so there would be no reason to sell real shoes for 1/10 of their original price. Use common sense and before you buy something expensive like that do some research on it and get your facts.
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