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Hey guys, since we have quite an increasing following in the Indie-section of KTT I wanted to ask you guys an elemtal question:

Have you ever been called a "Hipster" by someone, on the internet or in real life?

I think it sucks that it seems that many people have forgotten the difference between an Indie-guy and a Hipster since their music taste kinda overlapse but they are two different scences.

While both types of people listen to kinda obscure music, a indie likes the music because well, he simply enjoys listening to it, while a Hipster only tries to be different and obscure.

It`s actually sad that it seems that many people are forgetting that a Hipster has many other, less positive, attributes and to be honest with you, I think that those two terms are slowly melting together into one mass of not-defined weirdness.

Are we, the indie fans, slowly becoming synonym with Hipsters and how should we comprehend with the fact that we have to expect to be called Hipster a lot more in the future.

Or are we already Hipsters because we listen to things other than rap/pop-music.

I just thought it`s interesting to think about it, I mean in the last few months it seems that everyone who listens to anything outside the norm is constantly bombarded with the term hipster while they actually don`t fit the pretentious attitude or clothing style of the "culture", for example Anthony Fantano of the Needledrop.

Is the Indie Scene dying? Are we melting into a pot of hipsters? Should we embrace the change and change the deffinition of the term hipster from a bad thing into a compliment (I actually see it as a compliment a lot of times, I mean some people throw the word into every conversation about music, "You listne to something different than me? Then you must be a Hipster!")

Are we already....Hipsters?

This topic was generated completly at random because I´m sick with the flu and just want to start a discussion
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I didn't know that you can be called 'indie'. I just thought Indie was the genre and hipsters were the people that mostly listened to it. I consider hipster a positive term most of the time
Yes I was called a hipster for linking an arctic monkeys video. But mind you these are friends that don't venture out too much musically so anything not played on the radio much is going to be very obscure to them.
A) 'Scene'. That's the problem. No one should put themselves in a group, it's very limiting
B) I dislike the word pretentious. Just like hipster, the meaning has been diluted.
C) The term 'indie' itself has even lost it's meaning. Barely does it refer to bands that are trying to make it, but mostly to bands with fun, catchy, relatable lyrics, which in itself, isn't dissimilar to 'mainstream', or it will just be a broad term relating to anything that's not Britney Spears or Slipknot(absurd examples, I know)
D) I wouldn't want to be called either terms
E) If someone is a 'hipster', that doesn't mean they don't enjoy music. Music is very easy to enjoy.
F) Indie, hipster, obscure, pretentious, etc have melted into a tangled mess that's hard to separate.
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Indie isn't a genre, people need to learn that already

Fuck Hipsters
Fuck NME
Fuck Vice
Fuck all that shit
Fuck Indie being called a Genre
Fuck Hipster Bands
Fuck Hipster Festivals
Fuck Neon Colors
Fuck Nerd Glasses
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i feel like anyone who calls themselves a hipster, isn't one, by definition

it's also just kind of a word used by people that are ignorant
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