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Hans Zimmer

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is Gawd :worship:

who else feelin' his movie scores?
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Mr. Yeezy said:
He is really great. If you a fan of movie scores you should chek out Nick Caves work on Jesse James and Trent reznor on social network and dragon tattoo.
Social network album is amazing. I have yet to come around DT though but I'll look for that. Inception and Sherlock Holmes work is good too.
Kevin. said:
YES. He is one of my idols. :allears:

Skip to 3:16. Every time the cello solo kicks in, my heart stops and I lose my breath. It's just so goddamn beautiful. :allears:
This is good stuff :datass:

Sherlock Holmes is personally one of my favorites. Inspiring.
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Kevin. said:
Ahh I haven't seen that movie yet. I should definitely check it out.
Another guilty pleasure of mine is this track from Megamind haha

When the guitar kicks in at 1:41 as the instrumental layers are thicker, oh man.
Why can't I be Hans?
hahah I wish I was beethoven. Oh and the movie is really good, you should check it out.

Another good composer is Philip Glass.
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