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Anyone seen Gummo?

wouldnt recommend..
i do recommend actually, only if you like movies where theres no point..
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Harmony Korine is a master. Haters gonna hate.  :tash:
i really want to see this but i don't have netflix anymore :'(
I don't get why people call misunderstood people great or genius.
singleleaf said:
Harmony Korine is a master. Haters gonna hate.  :tash:
The spaghetti-eating scene is too disgusting. Weird flick to say the least...
I was alright..for a while..
looks weak as fuck
and prolly very popular with the artsty hipsters
if my assumin game is on point
great film. one of the big reasons i got heavily into film.
This movie is on another level--love it.
it was too much.... couldn't finish it ... respect it for being reallllllllllllllllly different tho lol
saw it on Sundance channel a few years back and thought it was kinda interesting but still a shitty movie. Not big on Clark/Korine type flicks.
Weird, that's all.

The film is def not for everyone.
The ending with Roy Orbison's 'Crying' is etched into my mind for life.
Pretty damn pointless.
I hate how stupid people feel the need of calling pointless movies "masterpieces" or original, simply because they're different.
All I hear is how fucked up this movie is.

So i'm downloading now to watch it
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