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Guess the artist Game

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Which artist has worked with the below?:

Dr. Dre
Kanye West
DJ Premier
Just Blaze
The Neptunes
Hi Tek
Scott Storch
DJ Khalil
DJ Quik

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Jay Hova said:
IAmHipHop said:
whats the point of this thread? lol
I don't know :cryfam:

But that is a GOAT list apart from eminem
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Dinosaur said:
dont you get sick of coming into every Game thread and posting shit like this?
Not even Game threads, whenever I post something he's always mentioning Game even when it's not related.

This dude somehow even knows my real name, it's really creepy and stalker level
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theAK4722 said:
he worked with RZA?
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sharky said:
wow i thought this thread was gonna be about guessing the artist game is copying in a song. that would've been a good thread op...

I might just do that
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1 - 6 of 52 Posts
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