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1) Vince Staples overrated as fuck, "Summertime '06" hardly a 7/10 on it's best day. There are 10 other gangbanging projects doing it better.

2) I prefer Schoolboy Q over Ab-Soul's YT 45 min conspiracy video enlightened raps.

3) Album-wise, "Rolling Papers" best Wiz album.
Wiz didn't fall off, he's still rapping about the same things, he still gives positive vibes, he still has mellow and feel good beats :what:

4) Even tho Pablo is a great album and the stream/DLC shit is revolutionary and will potentially influence others, it was executed POORLY.
You're telling me that after so much hype, after that drought we went through, you felt completely satisfied with Pablo? Liar

5) You can like Drake AND Kendrick AND whoever the fuck you want. Not all artists are for all times. If you go to watch a family comedy expecting to see explosions and special effects, no wonder you'll leave cursing :what:
Just enjoy the differences in this music shit

6) Logic is a technically skilled rapper, has great flows and can def spit but he NEVER had an original idea or his own style. Ever since YB&I he's been an emulator of what is hot right now.

I'm out

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