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  • Young Jeezy

    Votes: 37 44.6%
  • T.I.

    Votes: 46 55.4%
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2Trill said:
27. Pusha T
28. Lil B
31. Tech N9ne

So you think Pusha T and Lil B are pretty much equivalent rappers and you think Lil B is a better rapper than Tech N9ne?  Wow.
i think lil b is one of the worst rappers out there...i tried to be objective making the bracket...use buzz and etc to make it as well, no one really talks about tech n9ne so hes like that mid major school thats wicked good but under seeded, if you want to continue the tournament comparisons...i dont think lil b belongs in the same book as tech or pusha personally, tried not to use my personal opinions doing the seeds haha take no offense
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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