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Greatest Rapper of Today? Tournament (FIRST ROUND: J.Cole vs. Game)

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In honor of March Madness, lets vote on who we think should is the best rapper alive today??

Here is a list of 32 of the hottest rappers out there
(sorry if your favorite rapper is not on there and if you dont agree with the seeds)

Here is the bracket


Let the voting begin!
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Soulll said:
Play it in the car. The beat is so fuckin dope. You'll feel like a boss riding around to it. If you like Nas then whats the problem? Basically you're mad because people like him more than you do. That's nothing to be upset about. Overrated is a stupid and pointless word that does nothing but spark hate and never ending arguments.
ill try it out :dno: i hope im wrong

and ya i just hate when people dicksuck him to the max. i think he's dope as fuck, but people treat him like hip hop's jesus. i think illmatic is top 10, but not top 5 and definitely not the GOAT and i think Nas is top 5, but Nas fans disrespect Pac (the GOAT imo) so much that it irritates me.

its not even that i dislike Nas. i just cannot stand his stans
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Soulll said:
Oh I see what you mean. Illmatic isn't even my top 5 either but I respect Nas and hes been one of my favorite rappers since I was in Elementary. Pac is GOAT to me and when people diss him I either shut them down or just ignore them. But that's what we do here at KTT. We talk shit and get on each others nerves. Circle of life.
lmao truth
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yasiin bey said:
Who are you kidding bitch? The only thing that you're shooting is dance videos to J. Cole's Workout.
oh so u think u know me now?

41 - 43 of 143 Posts
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