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Greatest Rapper of Today? Tournament (FIRST ROUND: J.Cole vs. Game)

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In honor of March Madness, lets vote on who we think should is the best rapper alive today??

Here is a list of 32 of the hottest rappers out there
(sorry if your favorite rapper is not on there and if you dont agree with the seeds)

Here is the bracket


Let the voting begin!
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btw how the fuck did Nas beat Meek. this isnt an all time bracket
im a huge fan of both, but to those voting Game

RED>Sideline Story ?


Game is dope as fuck. one of my all-time favorite rappers

but this very second Cole > Game tbh

Cole is droppin heat. Game is not anymore unfortunately
IAmHipHop said:
yeah definitely, but this isnt an all-time poll. this is right now
MoneyGang said:
Game time!!! Ktt underrates him
The Documentary, Doctors Advocate & LAX aren't part of this debate.

and believe me...im one of the bigger Game fans on KTT.

but no way in hell is Game better than Cole today.

and nah Sideline Story is better than Purp&Patron, Break Lights & RED
IAmHipHop said:
First half of it, yes. But interscope selected the tracklist and forced him to use filler chick songs, not games decision.
Games material he put out in 2011 >>>>>>>>>>>> Coles material he put out in 2011
The Documentary (Games debut) >>>>>>> Sideline Story (Coles Debut)
Doctors Advocate & LAX >>>>>>>> Coles second and third albums that don't even exist yet
Ricky is one of the dopest songs put out in 2011, but thats not enough to top an entire dope album by Cole
nah bro i totally agree with u on Game. dude is one of my favorite rappers ever. I own all his albums and his shit stays on repeat in my whip, but im just tryna be honest here. The Sideline Story is miles better than anything Game has released since 2008 in terms of projects. if this was an all-time poll Game would easily win. he has so much dope material, but today April 3rd 2012 Game is not better than J Cole
IAmHipHop said:
I disagree, and you forgot Hoodmorning
But anyways, I'm not hating on Cole, I think he's dope, I'm just annoyed by how underrated Game is on KTT, think it's just because he dissed Jay Z on Uncle Otis. But whatever lol most people on KTT don't even know hiphop
nah they dont. and yes i have a very similar playlist that stays on repeat in my car.

also, dont forget Cole's unreleased tracks that came out in 2011 like Killers and How High. The Sideline Story wasnt his only songs released.

and Lost Ones>>>>>>>>all those songs except maybe Ricky
IAmHipHop said:
1. Ricky
2. Born In Tha Trap
3. Monsters in my Head
4. Rough
5. Keepin It Real
6. The City
7. 25 to Life
8. Graveyard
9. Lost
10. Good, Bad, Ugly
11. Out of Towner
12. Martians vs. Goblins
13. Mama Knows
14. The Town
15. InfraRED

There's 15 tracks game put out last year, same amount of tracks that were on coles album. THose tracks shit on coles sidelinestory
im on Mobile and cant see the song, but if this is that track on LAX than who gives a fuck. LAX isnt part of this debate. that album came out 4 years ago. this isnt an all-time debate
IAmHipHop said:
Who else can resurrect three hiphop legends on a track?
you're wrong about Monsters In My Head.

like so wrong its laugh worthy.

and ive been debating in favor of Cole in here
NCinnit said:
couldn't play 'monsters in my head' due to that site's horrible audio player. seeing the colin munroe feature leads me to believe the song is horribly cliche and over-produced so probably dodging a bullet here.

'keeping it real' is one of the better game songs i've heard over the past few years but that still doesn't mean he's rapping well. his raps are so forced. the way he puts emphasis on the last few words in every line creatures some of the corniest faux-passionate moments i've ever heard. his rhymes are very simple and he can't complete verses without name-dropping. his subject matter is extremely repetitive and ultimately boring.
yeah i totally agree. and that song is incredible

but its irrelevant to this debate
Hi Im Mozeley said:
yeah its 'never can say goodbye'

i just hate when people call the game an average rapper...he is one of the greatest mc's of the 2000s
Monsters In My Head is almost as good as Ricky tbh
but u like Wiz Khalifa doe
Kreamy Boi said:
they are the two worst rappers i've ever listened to
i had no idea it was a freestyle. thats pretty awesome. The line about Morris Chestnut being an actor, but Pac being the real life Ricky>>>>>>>>>

and damn. dope. ill be sure to check them out. Game is awesome. i just wish he ddnt fuck up his tracklist for RED
IAmHipHop said:
It's better imo
Did you know that Ricky was a freestyle?  :omg:
and i know your kinda  a game fan just thought id let ya know that 3 leaks from his mixtape are dropping within the next couple of hours :fire:
RED wasnt very good, but i made a playlist using stuff intended for RED and made a pretty dope album out of it. i can pm u a link later if u want?
Hi Im Mozeley said:
yeah true but i dont listen to his new material. i tried listening to R.E.D. but couldnt get past the poor mastering job on the album

WTF has Nas done that is better than Meek's mixtape and tracks off Self Made.

Nasty isnt anywhere near enough to give him a win. its 1 song
yasiin bey said:
Are you serious?
yeah better days wasnt on the playlist, but i really like that song too. he had a lot of quality stuff release last year, but whoever sequenced his album needs to be shot
Hi Im Mozeley said:
yeah would be appreciated thanks. i liked better days although that is a pretty old track

something about game is he has so much material its unreal
oh so 1 song and a feature is enough to beat out an artist with multiple smash singles and an acclaimed mixtape?

yasiin bey said:
Triple Beam Dreams > Meek's life.
Quinnmufc said:
I'ma bigger fan of Cole but I voted for Game.
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