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Greatest Rapper of Today? Tournament (FIRST ROUND: J.Cole vs. Game)

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In honor of March Madness, lets vote on who we think should is the best rapper alive today??

Here is a list of 32 of the hottest rappers out there
(sorry if your favorite rapper is not on there and if you dont agree with the seeds)

Here is the bracket


Let the voting begin!
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I can't vote cos I'm on mobile but j cole
NCinnit said:
link me to one good game verse from the past 12 months.
Ricky? Born in the trap? The kill?
IAmHipHop said:
I disagree, and you forgot Hoodmorning
But anyways, I'm not hating on Cole, I think he's dope, I'm just annoyed by how underrated Game is on KTT, think it's just because he dissed Jay Z on Uncle Otis. But whatever lol most people on KTT don't even know hiphop
There's so much unnecessary hate for him on ktt. It's not just him but so many other rappers and they like rappers like lil b
Hi Im Mozeley said:
someone show me a better cole song than this and i will call you a liar

What song is it, can't see I'm on mobile
What is the point of this anyway?
1 - 6 of 143 Posts
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