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Greatest Rapper of Today? Tournament (FIRST ROUND: J.Cole vs. Game)

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In honor of March Madness, lets vote on who we think should is the best rapper alive today??

Here is a list of 32 of the hottest rappers out there
(sorry if your favorite rapper is not on there and if you dont agree with the seeds)

Here is the bracket


Let the voting begin!
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Celtic Gang said:
Ti over Jeezy? The ***** ti cant even drop a album. Dont he already have 2 failed singles?
ti is better at rapping than jeezy.
Celtic Gang said:
Lol yeah if you like corny pop songs.......
ti on 'here ye here ye' > any verse on tm103
IAmHipHop said:
link me to one good game verse from the past 12 months.
IAmHipHop said:
couldn't play 'monsters in my head' due to that site's horrible audio player. seeing the colin munroe feature leads me to believe the song is horribly cliche and over-produced so probably dodging a bullet here.

'keeping it real' is one of the better game songs i've heard over the past few years but that still doesn't mean he's rapping well. his raps are so forced. the way he puts emphasis on the last few words in every line creatures some of the corniest faux-passionate moments i've ever heard. his rhymes are very simple and he can't complete verses without name-dropping. his subject matter is extremely repetitive and ultimately boring.
IAmHipHop said:
It's not cliche at all bruh, majority of game fans say its one of the best tracks of his career, and it dropped last year

Use this link:
i was right about the colin munroe feature. the hook is awful.

this song isn't bad but not enough for me to say game is good at rapping. if his most noteworthy song from the past few years is one where he's emulating other rappers instead of executing his own style there's a problem.
1 - 6 of 143 Posts
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