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These are just titles that come to my mind randomly so...

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
The College Dropout
808s and Heartbreak
The Fame Monster
Paul’s Boutique
Runaway Slave
Dark Side of The Moon
Broke With Expensive Taste
Vices & Virtues
Master Of My Make-Believe
Doo-**** & Hooligans
Mylo Xyloto

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Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not. Artic Monkeys

Evil Empire - Rage against the machine.

No world for tomorrow - Coheed and cambria

Fever to tell - yeah yeah yeahs

Hot Fuss - The Killers

Loveless - my bloody Valentine

Infinity on high - Fall out boy

Meat is murder - the smiths

Mellon collie and the infinite sadness - Smashing Pumpkins 

Origin of symmetry - Muse

Passive me, Aggressive you - The naked and famous 

Demon Days - Gorillaz

Everything you ever wanted to know about silence - Glassjaw

41 - 60 of 113 Posts
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