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I got contacted by steven victor (a&r at GOOD music). At first it was marked as spam and i thought it was some bs. But it actually turned out to be legit he had an @kanyewest.com email so i thought it def had to be real. All he said in the email was "whats your phone number" He had his phone number in the email too so i ended up calling him. Didnt answer. couple mins later he called me back and we started talking. He wanted to purchase an instrumental remake off me lmao (I recreated the beat for Travis Scott - Wonderful and put it on my youtube; he saw it and wanted it). After explaining to him its an actual song and not technically mine he was like oh shit. But still i showed him that its completely my rendition and if you make a few slight changes it could be considered a whole different beat. He bought into the idea and ended up buying the project file and trackouts (beat stems) off me. Sold it for 240 lmao

Once I sent him the beat, I also sent him some of my other beats so that he can hear them. I never heard back from him since

And its funny cause months ago, I made a thread saying "HOW DO YOU SEND BEATS TO GOOD MUSIC?" trying to find a&r emails and links. Turns out I was able to do it. What if KTT was the reason. If it was, I love this website

UPDATE: turns out they gave the beat to tyga: https://streamable.com/3bgm
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