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GOOD Friday Album Covers?

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I'm just wondering if anyone made any GOOD Friday album covers, I saw a couple from the previous forum KL, but I can't find any now. I'd appreciate any help, thanks.
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I created this one but I'll probably whip up some more right now since I'm getting tired of it.
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That one looks great. But I think it's GOOD Fridays, but Im' just being nitpicky there. :p Am excited to see if you're planning on doing anything else! Thanks.
If you got a photo I'll gladly come up with something, and I took your input on the 'Fridays'
Made these two from the film (click for larger versions).

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Do you think you could make one in your first post with the S in Fridays? I like those ones that you made, and I'm sure a number of members will, but I think that film is just on 'Runaway' and not really 'GOOD Fridays'. You know? But they're still excellent artwork either way.
Those are awesome, thanks so much!
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