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Golf Media Archive is an archival project, where I've attempted to recover as much content as possible from the now-defunct Golf Media app.

Some stuff is already on YouTube officially and unofficially and by Googling (especially for podcasts and audio), so I won't be sharing those. I think.

Hustle & Broke - HAALLLLP! (Audio essay)
Mr. First Time in America - Jousting (S02E01)
Not-So-Live Stream - GOLF Fashion Show Pre-Show 2016
Nuts & Bolts (Golf Media)
Skate and tours
Superstar Mercury
The Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time
The Jellies (Golf Media version)
Tyler, The Creator - PERFECT (Feat. Kali Uchis & Austin Feinstein) [Golf Media version]
Tyler, The Creator - RUN (Live)

Work in progress:
  • Photos and comics (Dog Dad, Brick Stowell Behind The Scenes Photos, etc.)
  • Trailers, teasers, promos, new on Golf Media
  • Words - Original Golf Articles
  • CHANNEL 39
  • IC Social Club
  • In the Field with EDP445
  • Mr. First Time in America
  • QUALITY TIME with Jaspe
  • Ray Garcia Presents - Stand Up Comedy Special
  • Superstar Mercury (if there were more episodes)

If any you have anything else, let me know by sending me a message.
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HorseMastaFlex said:
some fool on Reddit is working on it
that fool is me and I've gathered quite a lot of material.
MemePlug said:
i got the vince and rocky interviews plus the bouncin on a fo deuce studio sesh
feel free to share the studio sesh, already have the interviews :)
HorseMastaFlex said:
don’t take the fool part as literal as it sounds.
And I really appreciate that you’ve been doing that
oh haha!
No problem! I've been trying to get like shows as well, but it's quite hard to find and so I have been working on articles etc. Either way, it's gonna be a decent collection! :)
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Earn said:
I have the app version of Perfect if you're looking for it
Thanks for the effort, already have it :)
MemePlug said:
what the difference from the album version?
1. Tyler smiling at the beginning in YT version
2. No singing flowers in the GM version
3. No butterflies in the GM version at times
4. They don't sing the "you make me better" part in YT version
5. Austin throwing off a butterfly not in GM version
6. Different zoom ins
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HorseMastaFlex said:
im sure you got that Jellies Pilot season
Yep :3
HorseMastaFlex said:
Articles I remember
The Girl video
The video of making the cherrybomb mask
EDP445 series (which was hilarious)

It would be crazy if you had the entire playlist that played on there ahaha
I'm not sure I quite understand you, so I'm gonna answer how I understood:

Articles, three to four by the time writing :)
The Girl video? You mean She? :D
Got the mask vid
Got one EDP445 vid :)

There's actually a playlist of Golf Radio on Spotify, but I need to work on the order, so it plays like in the app
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MemePlug said:
p sure these are all on vk somewhere
I think I found like one Tyler performance and something else, but I haven't downloaded them yet. I will though.
MemePlug said:
theres one page with hella golf media stuff but i forgot the name of it. its where i found the vince and rocky interviews
That VK group probably lmao
Update time: I figured out how I could upload the archive. Mega, because GDrive sucks a$$ and I'mma slowly start uploading everything I got, because my internet also sucks a$$. I gotchu boys, just a teeny tiny bit of wait <3
Also since I've gotten stuff from the VK group, it'll be mashed with the other stuff as well.
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HorseMastaFlex said:
since you know about the app, did you download the app? i'm asking this, because if you have the iOS app, then you could make a .ipa file and maybe I could get the emojis from there? :O
HorseMastaFlex said:
i did download the app however not with this phone sadly
You should be able to access your Purchased and Not on this phone section either way.
Hey so I've been very busy and I'm not sure how I'm gonna release the entire archive as it's currently 24GB and also I don't want my account taken down for copyright somewhere.
Hey does anyone remember the news themed series from Golf Media with Errol and some white girl being anchors? Anyone remember the name of that and or got an archive on it? Been trying to find it everywhere but can't find anything like it didn't even exist.
Unfortunately I haven't found any information about it, but it's always worth a shot to get in contact with the people that were in it.
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I can create a download link that is basically impossible for golf to take down.
That'd be nice. Feel free to message me about it.
okay i'm kind of alive and legit pretty much done with golf media collecting I guess I just don't know where to put it all up while having full control over it
Wassup w it my b
Oh I'm just trying to figure out how to put it up, that's all.
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