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Since YMCMB section was deleted. :cryfam:
I shall post it here.

So you say you ready to hustle,
scuffle over a dollar, rumble over a bundle,
ready to bust over 2 dolars, ready to die for 5,
ready to ride on 9, better be bout your change
lettin hang at all times, ready to fight high,
duckin them blue eyes, ready to see ya moma cry
every time you walk inside, ready to bring the funk,
hide keys in the trunk, ready to live that life
one more night, knowin' you don't, ready to get ya pockets thick,
hustle hard sweat bricks, shoot you stick at a vick,
get her to buy a nick for 6, ready to serve Tammy,
50 dollars worth of wammy, ready to lose ya heart fall apart
from ya family, damn near gettin killed, a mil is only on ya mind,
ready to slang that iron, put in work over time, ready to get crossed,
put a hit out on a ***** boss, ready to shine and floss,
is you bout that white sauce, 10 a keys the cost, bout to toss a ***** 3,
meet me at the dope spot 8 in the mornin next week,
now I was lookin for 30, you only had 26, I feel you tryin to play me,
(Blow!) get it how you live

Can't tell me Wayne was never good. (bryc)

Some of my favorite ones

1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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