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Glyde (Sell games and shit)

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Glyde is a market-place themed website, similar to Amazon and Ebay, except with cheaper prices.

With Glyde, you can put your games, CD's, DVD's, etc..up for sale. When people purchase your item, you get an e-mail..and they send you a prepaid mailer (free shipping) to place your item in. After that, you just leave it your mailbox or take it to the nearest post office. It's pretty cool..and the things I've sold, sold fast. However, they do take a cut from your item if you sell it. Let's say you're selling an item for $25..they may take $4. The $4 takes the place of the mailer they send and a fee. It's good for those looking to profit off of selling games that's nobody is buying elsewhere, or if you want to sell the item for a higher price. When you sell an item, the money is transferred to your account into your Glyde Balance. With your Glyde Balance, you can use the money to buy things from the site without using a card. If you don't want to do that..then you can have the money deposited straight into your account or have them send you a check. I've made $50 so far.

NOW. For those who are looking to BUY, this is also a great site. You can choose your purchases based on condition: Disc Only, Acceptable, Good, Excellent, New..etc. The price changes accordingly depending on which condition you choose. I've bought a few items, all excellent condition with no flaws at all (but then again I chose "Excellent" or "New"..). If you want to buy a video game or dvd lower than the market price, or want to buy a book or two just to read and resell, this could be the place for you. After your registration and purchase, you can see your product in the "Account" tab..which also allows you to track your package.

Sign up is here Glyde: Simply buy and sell your games, DVDs, CDs, and books