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Girl Question

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I know this is a stupid thread but I want to ask something, How many of you kanyetothe members have actually have never had a girlfriend before  :dno:
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Went most of my high school life without a serious gf, just went on a few dates until i finally found a serious relationship. I'm picky as shit man, I'm only gonna date someone I would consider marriage material. So don't feel bad if you've never had one, idk how old you are but especially if you're in high school still don't sweat it. Most high school relationships just cause stress and heartbreak anyways
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Good Ass Job said:
I mean like never kissed a girl and never ever had a attractive attention from a girl, Like never went on dates or kissed a girl kinda of thing maaaaaan.
Been there too. Like I said I'm very picky and once I find a girl I like if it doesn't work out I tend to get hung up on her or at least not have any interest in other girls for awhile. I didn't start going on dates until the tail end of my junior year and nothing came of it. I didn't get past a quick peck of a kiss until I started a really serious relationship. As for never receiving attention, u would be surprised by how many girls have had interest in you in the past and just didn't realize it, but if you really feel like no one is showing interest in you..

the number one thing that is attractive to girls is confidence
don't be a douche, but be confident. A girl wants to be with someone that she feels lucky to be with. A girl does not want to settle for someone who is always putting themselves down and who puts her on a pedestal. Treat her right, be a gentleman, but don't be overly nice it gives off an obsessive, stalker vibe. I have known countless girls that have said the exact same thing that "confidence is so attractive, it can make up for a lot." Those same girls have dated guys who were nowhere near their league because the guys had a confidence that they were.

Don't sweat it man, just look at it this way. If you had kissed and dated a bunch of girls before whoever your first kiss/date is gonna be then that's also a bunch of heartbreak you would have had to deal with. If you're still in high school don't give it a second thought, college is a fresh start and the girls are gorgeous and less focused on high school bs. If you're in college then try to get more involved, join clubs, meet people, and just be yourself and exude confidence and fun.

You are not alone, a lot of guys don't have a date or a first kiss for awhile. I was in the exact same position and now I have a girlfriend far better looking than I should and am extremely happy.

Hope that helps
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MachineGunFlow said:
Dropout_Bear went in with his post.  Great post...everything you said was very solid and true advice.  :h5:
Thanks you learn from you dumbass mistakes and I have a lot of those. Good intentions, but damn stupid mistakes
Msouten said:
damn i kissed girls in kindergarden... whats up wit yall? :work:
haha I'm assuming he means real kissing
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