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I've always been confused as to what people mean when they say size down or size up
on selvedge denim.
for example, ive heard on apc you should size down 1 for petite standards, 2 for new standards, and go TTS for new cures.
ive heard that for naked and famous you go down 2 on weirdguys and down 1 on skinny guys
this is because the jeans stretch

i guess my question is, does this mean to size down 1 from what you normally wear in jeans?
ex. levi 511s which i normally wear a 33 x 32 in, little bit of sag, so i would wear a 32 in petite standards
or size down from your TRUE waist size, and if so, what is the proper way to measure your true waist size

next question:
recently i came upon

adidas x kazuki by neighborhood hoodie
now, neighborhood is a japanese brand.
does this mean this adidas hoodie fits like a japanese brand hoodie, even though the company that makes it is not japanese?
this means, i would have to buy a size larger than i normally had to
(e.g. if i normally wear M id have to buy an L, because japanese sizes run smaller)

and on the subject of asian clothing,
if i am an american medium, am i closer to size 2 or size 3 in brands such as original fake?

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wow, so many questions.

Size up/size down = generally get a size smaller/larger than you're usual size. Why? Sometimes the denim stretches into your usual size or shrink into your normal size. I know APC stretch and i've been told that it's best to get a size smaller.
eg. i'm a size 32 waist. So i should get 30.

If you're wondering how you can figure out your waist size. just go into a random store that sells pants/shorts and try on the different waist sizes (30, 32, 34, etc..). The correct size should be able to fit on by itself, without a belt and not fall or be too tight around the waist.

About the hoody Q's, just check the sizing charts online and follow them. If you don't know your measurements, well, measure yourself! Try and add an inch or two, then compare it to the sizing charts. Cos' you don't want to grab a skin-tight hoody, unless if you're into that kind of stuff... Or just compare the japanese (neighborhood) sizing charts with the american (adidas) sizing charts and see if they are the same or not.

It's good to know what size/the measurements of yourself are, cos' it comes in handy when you're shopping online. Especially when you're buying from other countries with weird sizes.

Hopefully i helped, man. I may have been a little vague or off topic, but i'm sure a couple of the other members can emphasise on anything that i may have missed out on.

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