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i loved wtt, but it's more a jay-z album for me than kanye (a bad thing).
i will give the album 7,5-8/10 currently but not on the same level as mbdtf, and it's possible that Red will be better, don't flame me, but if Game does the right decision for the tracklist which he never does this will be better than wtt

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The Game said:
Making this topic just causes nothing but trouble.

You guys from KTT will defend Kanye right to the death. It's the same with the Game fans.

I'm a big Game fan and I love Kanye and Jay. Jay's in my top 5.

This topic needs to just be shut. :work:
I love Game but his fans are straight up retarded. If you gonna hate on it hate for the right reasons, not because of some wack Illuminati music BS
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