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[Pusha T]
Came in the game, 8 years prior,
8 years later? Ya man’s on fire,
I’m Book of Eli, to all my subsribers,
Play the two door street car named Desire
Came in Grindin’; Ye came Through the Wire,
Met at the crossroads, Bone Thugz inspired,
First of the month, Crunk to the buyers,
Red too ???? on the coop, You’ve been fired,
Smooth criminal, no priors,
Man in the Mirror, check no liar,
Still let that butter fly like Mariah
Show me the money, the Black Jerry McGuire,
Tom Cruise on that couch get that money right,
West Hollywood; Feel’s like a bunny night,
Wit Good company, and better jewelers,
Too the good life, We G.O.O.D. music.

[Big Sean]
Man, I wake up to a wet dream,
Everyday’s a Friday, and every nights a sex scene
Every week is fashion week,
And every day I’m fresh clean,
Detroit’s Angel I even got red wings
I’m headed to the bar, me and three prom queens,
My life’s prom night, and guess who’s the prom king?
They havin’ a kissin’ fight, And I’m Don King,
Everybody know I’m coming soon like Lebron’s ring,
I’m Big L, Notorious, Big Pun, Sean Carter, Sean Combs, and Connory all in one,
Who ever told you skies the limit is looking dumb,
Cus I’m 22 and I’m moon walkin on the sun,
Oh that’s your girl? She’s feelin on my wooder,
Right next to a couple boulders and she tryna motorboat her,
And I’m coming from that wah wah west side of the motor,
You might find banana clips, cus it’s guerrilla warfare,
Last year I was watchin this from the couch,
And now I’m here that should let you know what I’m about,
Reap a black suit cus my whole team killin,
Had to keep safe trends cus your whole team stealin,
Man they tell me I’m the man, and I ain’t made it yet,
Tell me who the baddest, I’ll see if I’ve seen em naked yet,
Won’t stop til I get that Mercedes 700CLK,
And Mercedes ain’t made it yet.

[CyHi Da Prince]
I’m Mr. Got bread like Quizno’s,
Better known as MJ with the Big Nose,
I swear ya artists couldn’t see me on his tip toes,
Only on T.V. I gotta take a quick pose,
Let me stop I forgot this was a big show,
If being dope made you broke, I am piss poor,
I’m Big Pappa plus I’m true Apocalypto,
My mind is a weapon what I need to pop a clip fo’? Huh?
I’m doing this for Hip Hop,
I’m coming after you him, and his spot,
Still tied to the streets like a ??? knot
Ain’t nothing thank I’m not a rolly with a tick tock
Atlanta repper in the home of the Yankees,
Rosewood suit on with the hanky,
I got rich from the zones of the ???
So everybody know my money long, lanky
So I’m flexible, Stretchin’ out my decimals,
Switchin up the flow, got the crowd going testicles,
Can’t bleep it out, cus that wasn’t nothing sexual,
I’m blowin’ loud, somebody check the decibels,
I’m impeccable; They put me on the pedestal,
And if you bite me it’s good for you like a vegetable,
Show’s by the several, schedules full of bestibles,
And If I ever do time than you know it’s Federal… Incredible

Fa Fa Fam Fam Fam  I’m a monster too
You don’t see it,  I do things that the monsters do,
The incomparable, Remarkable,
Articles about my audible technique, my technique, I
Recognize game like the ESPies
Cold to myself I say God Bless Me,
The truth; so I speak live and directly,
You I will set free,
My mic is where the checks be,
Rah, My Echo, I echo, I echo
The sounds of the ghetto,
Future of the retro,
Prolly in the metro,
Just so I can get dough,
The name is Common but the frame is special,
Me requested, from the years I invested,
Arrested Develop, Adressed it ;enveloped,
The body of the black party from Farley to Bob Marley,
Go home or Go hard, and home is like hardly…

[Kanye West]
The plan was to drink until the pain over,
But what's worse: The pain or the hang over,
Fresh air rollin' out a window,
Too many Erckles on your team that's why ya' wins low,
I sold my soul to the devil thats a crappy deal,
At least it came with a few toys like a happy meal,
It's game you can never win,
Cus they love you than they hate you than they love you again,
Get away from me lonliness, Get away from me misery,
Get away from me fake B*tch, I can't take the phoniness,
Get away from me whack tracks, I can only make Only Hits,
I'm an only child lost in the world, Where did the lonely kids go,
When the bell rings, I'm feelin like Hell rings,
It's bringing me back down, checkin my background,
When all this was happenin, Imagine if I didn't have the ins,
I wouldn't have so many imaginary friends,
I'm spaced out dog, I be on that moon talk,
Wonderin' if God asked Mike how to moon walk,
I swear my mama wished me and papa talked more,
He stopped visitin round the time  i was a sophomore
I guess everything I hate about me, I see in him
And ain't finna change, so we'll never agree again,
Just a few things pouring out my soul,
Rosewood, we can see ya'll with our eye's closed
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