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While searching through Google, I found this high school assignment where the teacher uses Kanye West's "Through the Wire" and Bob Dylan's "The Death of Emmett Till" to teach students about the Emmett Till Case.

1. Play Kanye West's Through the Wire. Direct a class discussion around the reference to Emmett Till in the eight line of the first verse, focusing on the context of the song and the lyrics and why the artist chose Till as a point of comparison.

2. Play Bob Dylan's The Death of Emmett Till. While students listen to this song have them take notes (use whatever format you choose) about the Till case and have them answer the following questions. While playing the song either project the lyrics or give a copy of the lyrics for the students. Depending upon the depth of study that has taken place thus far, terms Dylan uses might have to be clarified.

-What happened to Emmett Till?

-Why did Kanye West make a reference to Till in Through the Wire?

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