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So basically he won't see this girl for a couple months because of college but wants to tell her how he feels about her via text because he doesn't want there to be awkwardness. He doesn't want to spill his heart, but subtly just let her know that he has feelings for her so there aren't any misunderstandings and he becomes friend zoned. What should he do?

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DeePhenom said:
he could at least call her to tell her how he feels towards her. its hard to show emotion through text
That's what I said, but with they both have busy schedules or something.

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I can imagine myself walking in the sunset, holding hands and smiling. Hearing the crash

of the waves as a gentle breeze flows through my body and hair. Walking miles and

miles, while the moon rises high into the sky. The whole world is asleep, but I am the only

one living a dream. The graceful peace, settling into my heart. For once I actually feel

alive. This is what it should feel like. This is how you're supposed to live. A longing sense

of comfort. And as we lay on the sand staring into the night sky, the stars become

brighter and multiply. Soon enough, the dark sky is brightened by each star's shine. We

close our eyes, hand in hand and lie in a moment of silence when all we can hear in the

background is the calm waves alining upon the shore and the light night breeze. We make

a wish and lie together in a few more moments, appreciating each other for everything

we are. We then both open our eyes to the diamond-like sky, staring for a brief moment

as we then both turn to each other, lying on our sides. I am looking into your eyes and

you are looking into mine. I look at every inch of your body, then interlocking my eyes

into yours once again. I inhale as you take a deep breath. I then begin to speak in a soft

whisper. I tell you this is everything. You are all I've wanted. You were in all my dreams.

You love me the way I wanted. You care for me like no one else has. I appreciate

everything you've ever done for me, everything you've spent on me, everything you've

said to me and everything you've felt for me. You are the only one I want. I am in love

with you. Please keep me forever. Locked away in the eternity of time. You are different.

You give me ideas. Thoughts, feelings, unlived visions of places I've never been or never

knew existed, walking beside you in every one. It may be simple to state how I feel about

you and say I love you a thousand times, but it is all too complex to fully give you the

understanding of the meaning of the immense amount of love and appreciation I have for

you. I tell you you're the one. You're everything anyone could ever ask for. I am thankful

to have you in my life. I love you. I then pause and look into your eyes. You don't say

anything. You can see the moon reflecting onto the calm ocean. A warm chilling feeling

flows throughout my body as I watch you begin to slowly close your eyes and bring your

body closer to me. Your face inching towards mine. As I close my eyes, I take one deep

breath, tasting the chilled ocean air. I slowly bring myself closer to you, as you put your

arms around me. I can feel your body heat and your soft hands touching my body. Our

lips then touch. We kiss. Passionate, gentle, everlasting. This one kiss expresses all my

thoughts, feelings, emotions and every little detail of every little existing idea, dream,

form of all the words and feelings that I've developed for you. That moment, it was all

unveiled. We lied there for minutes, sharing this dream we both created together. As we

slowly move our faces away, I lay my head upon your shoulder and your arms around

my body. The night had never seemed so bright and beautiful up until this day. It's like

the world turned and everything completely changed. Everything was clear and I can

actually breathe and feel each beat of my heart pound against my chest, as the blood

slowly flows through my body. I can feel, hear, touch, taste, see, smell and understand

everything, in what now feels like what is heaven. Lifelessly floating on a cloud, feeling

fully alive. The feeling of being so unrealistically content and that a perfect life and person

can exist is far beyond anything I could have ever perceived. You are my savior and

meaning for existence. I thank you for everything you will do and being there, always.

We lie, staring into the sky feeling the air get colder as the night becomes later. It doesn't

bother me though. My body is filled with a warming sense of completion. Everything I'd

dreamed of having is fulfilled, finally. I close my eyes and daydream once again of having

and sharing this same exact moment with you. Soon enough the stars slowly fade away

as the sky becomes lighter and the light of the sun pierces through the sky, slowly rising

as time repeats itself once again. But this time is new. The feeling of being reborn into a

life that you feel you've lived every single day. It feels so right. Life is beautiful with you.

I appreciate things much more thoroughly. I love you.

prob wont fit in one text doe, use some breeves
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