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Friday Night Lights

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talk about one of the GOAT shows right here
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'Friday Night Lights' Moves to ESPN

The critically acclaimed football drama reruns will get another life across the ESPN networks and an extra push by fan Bill Simmons.

Friday Night Lights is making yet another move, this time to ESPN.

The critically-acclaimed, ratings-challenged drama will make the leap to the Disney-owned sports networks, ESPN and ESPN Classic, immediately after wrapping its fifth and final season on NBC. The Peabody series ended its run on DirecTV earlier this year.

Beginning on July 12th, ESPN will air the series' first two episodes back-to-back in primetime, and then roll out a marathon of season one episodes two days later on sister channel ESPN classic. ESPN's Texas-focused net, the Longhorn Network, will also be airing the show's five season run.

The irony, of course, is that those associated with the show spent years trying to convince potential viewers that FNL is as much a relationship show as it is a football show. With a move to ESPN, one has to imagine that tune will change.

In fact, that much was already clear from the statement put out by ESPN Films and ESPN Classics vice president and executive producer Connor Schell, who said, "At its core, Friday Night Lights captures the blend of drama, excitement and heartache that embodies what it means to be a sports fan, leading to its very loyal and passionate following among viewers."

The announcement, which was first reported by The Wrap, comes with an additional lift from long time fan and ESPN sports personality Bill Simmons. He will use new sports and pop culture site Grantland to publish an oral history of the show, from FNL's cast and crew.

Emmys: Connie Britton: Recognition of 'Friday Night Lights' was 'long deserved'

For Connie Britton, Emmys recognition for the often under-appreciated "Friday Night Lights" means the world. After five seasons playing Tami Taylor on the show that almost went off the air early on, Britton says she's not sad now that the series has wrapped up.

Is all of this sort of an adrenaline rush for you?

Total adrenalin rush. It's funny, my cousin in New York, who is my greatest fan, she was the first person to call me last year. She called my cellphone [today], and it was off -- because I was sleeping. My land-line rang, and so I actually heard the news from my publicist.

Is the nomination bittersweet?

Honestly, this one actually feels the most amazing because the show finally got a nomination. After five seasons, it just feels incredible to have the show recognized. It was long deserved, I think.

Have you spoken to your costar Kyle Chandler yet?

He was the second call I got. And he was gloating because he was feeling more optimistic about it. The other day, we were talking on the phone and he kept saying that I would get it, that the show would get it. We were both just really thrilled. We love the show so much. It was the little show that could.

How do you plan on celebrating?

I don't even know. I'm in the middle of working on a movie ["The To-Do List"]. Today I have off, but I have a bunch of meetings. Maybe I'll just take a moment to jump up and down in place.

Who else are you rooting for on the big night?

Right before you called, I was looking through all the categories. Wow. It's such a great roster this year. I think there's a lot I'm rooting for. I actually love watching comedies. I think the comedy category is just fantastic, all the shows in the running.

Is it surprising to see how "Friday Night Lights" is finding a new audience even as it ends?

It's the gift that keeps on giving. It's really crazy. People would ask if it was strange with the whole DirectTV thing, but it was a blessing -- especially this year, it's been so nice. The show has really extended its life, which I'm thrilled about. That was the thing about our show, it took people. I'm not mad about anything this morning. I don't know how things would have been different. For a series that got to run for five seasons, the fans that watched the show have been so passionate. You can't take that away. And with it running on ESPN, more fans will get to enjoy it, and I'm thrilled.

Where would Tami and her family be had there been a sixth season or a seventh?

I've often wondered if we had continued, where they'd be. We probably wouldn't have moved out of Texas. I think that's the beauty of the show; we could have watched their lives indefinitely. I would have loved to have seen where they were going.

Exclusive Details: Friday Night Lights May Continue… On the Big Screen

Friday Night Lights may be going into overtime in a big way. The Emmy-nominated drama - which wraps its fifth and final season on NBC tonight - may continue on the big screen.

I know what you're thinking: There already was an FNL movie with Billy Bob Thornton in the lead. Well, this one would pick up where the small screen version left off and center on Coach Taylor and Tami, as played by Emmy nominees Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (who portrayed the same role opposite Thornton in the original flick).

The twisty story all started to unravel itself Thursday, when Grantland.com editor in chief Bill Simmons that, "Peter Berg told us he wants to do an FNL movie with Chandler/Britton off the final episode." After that, multiple sources told me it's no pipe dream. Berg, who directed the original feature and shepherded the NBC series with exec producer Jason Katims, is working behind the scenes to make it a reality.

Of course, if you thought the road from TV to movie was complicated, that may be child's play compared to going from the big screen to the small screen and back to the big screen. In addition to book rights, there are multiple production companies, Imagine and NBC's production arm, Universal Media Studios, involved.

A rep for Universal Pictures, which produced the first movie and would oversee the reboot, tells TVLine, "We do not currently have a FNL project in development." But obviously, I think the key word there is currently.

Peter Berg Confirms FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Film in the Works, Hopes to Start Production Next Year

We're writing a script. We've been meeting with [Friday Night Lights Executive Producer] Jason Katims for the last couple of weeks. We have a real good script idea. We want to do it. We're very serious about doing it, and we intend to do it.
The goal would be to focus the film around Kyle and Connie, and bring in some new characters, and then bring in some of our familiar faces. We have a really fresh, very original take on it and we're very serious about wanting to do it. We're writing the script right now. If all goes well, we would shoot it next year at some point.
I don't think he was the best one, but he definitely was the most interesting character on the show. The best characters were Mr. and Mrs. Coach imo. I loved every thing about them and their relationship. Those Emmy nods are well-deserved.
atl said:
Riggins was easily the best character in this show imo
2011 TCA AWARDS: 'Friday Night Lights' Wins Program Of The Year

As a new NBC series, Friday Night Lights won Outstanding New Program at the Television Critics Association's awards in 2007. Four years later, as a departing DirecTV show, Friday Night Lights tonight won the top TCA award, Program of the Year.

'Friday Night Lights' bonus: Hear Coach Taylor's hidden farewell speech

It's been exactly four weeks since Friday Night Lights sailed beautifully through the big goalposts in the sky, so here's another excuse to moisten those tear ducts. As it turns out, the ending of the original script for the finale included a heartfelt farewell speech by Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) that was to play over the moving montage that showed where our characters wound up eight months later. But when the producers reviewed that sequence during the editing process, "every one of those little moments was much more than what it felt like it was going to be in the script," explains executive producer Jason Katims. "Because the images ran so long, it was hard for us to figure a graceful way to fit in the speech. Also, I just wanted to let the images stand for themselves…. I loved the speech and the way Kyle did it - and it was one of the things I was really looking forward to in the finale - but after looking at it both ways, I realized that the episode was stronger without it."

Coach's sentimental send-off may have been benched for the finale, but it was included on the season 5 DVD as an extra. Make that a well-hidden extra. To uncover it: Go to the menu screen for the finale, choose the "commentary off" button, click right, and select the small football that appears.

You can listen to the speech at the source.​
Season 2 was the weakest. Landry and Tyra covering up a murder, Julie dumping Matt for 'The Swede', Matt hooking up with that nurse, Lyla joining an organization for young Christians and just the same presence of Tami's old high school boyfriend who was annoying as hell. NBC was trying to fuck up the show to appeal to a wider audience. DirectTV not only saved FNL, but also helped to mantain its quality.
Sure. It's one of my favorite shows of all time. I've been a fan from the beginning, so after all those years it was very hard to say goodbye to one of the best shows that's ever aired on TV. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!
AnnaJ said:
Anyone else a fan?

I know, but I loved the first three seasons of 'Nip/Tuck'. After that it went to hell, like every show that Murphy's involved in.
ecabney said:
Connie Britton (Tami) is gonna star in FX's new series, American Horror Story. Which was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy





Gilford should've been nominated for an Emmy tbh.
Robespierre said:
the son the whole episode should be on your tear jerker tbh that episode was so sad
ecabney said:

There hasn't been a real news since two months ago when Berg confirmed that the script is in the works. I think that it's something that they all want to make happen, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Though I'm sure it'll take a while.
AnnaJ said:
So what's up with a new FNL movie. Do y'all think it will happen? Katims claims to be very serious about making this a reality.
AnnaJ said:
Connie Britton Says a 'Friday Night Lights' Movie is 'For Realsies' Happening

I must say that I really enjoy reading Nick's comments about the show.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!
A true testament to the greatness of FNL's writers and actors.
Rest in Peace Al said:
It's pretty insane how this show can add new characters so seamlessly, and you care about what happens to them fairly instantly
Damn at all those new people watching this show!  :datass: Fuck yeah!  :slick:
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