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Friday Night Lights

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talk about one of the GOAT shows right here
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NBC made a deal with Directv. I dont know if that was a knock on the show or what
8th Wonder said:
This show is still going??  lol. I watched the first season and figured it wouldn't go much further.
damn Friday Night Lights gotta a ***** cryin up in this bitch
Vince >>>>>>>>>>>
I like Julie (boobs), and season 3 was also dope
Bad Boy said:
first two seasons maybe had more "attractive" characters, story and bigger budget, but i have no doubt in my heart that seasons 4 & 5 are better... i just appreciate where this show is going, planting only good values in people's mind...
p.s. anyone hates coach's daughter like i do? :) julie, little selfish cunt
bump for final episode
*wipes tear from eye*
Coach and Saracen's conversation was intense! I cant believe Kyle Chandler is only a one-time EMMY nominee. FUCK I'm going to miss this show.
Brent said:
Great ending to a fantastic show.
Brent said:
The Wire was never recognized either. Sometimes the greats aren't. It's okay, time will make these kind of shows legendary.
swag to the maximum, but I already own the entire series except for season 5
yeah right
that's what's up. GOAT network television drama series of the 00s finally getting some love
dorian_j said:
2011 TCA AWARDS: 'Friday Night Lights' Wins Program Of The Year

As a new NBC series, Friday Night Lights won Outstanding New Program at the Television Critics Association's awards in 2007. Four years later, as a departing DirecTV show, Friday Night Lights tonight won the top TCA award, Program of the Year.

best characters:
Coach/Mrs Coach

Best episodes:
Mud Bowl
The Son

Best Farewell:

Riggins leaves his cleats on the field
Street :cryfam:
So long Smash
Tyra's essay
Riggins takes the fall for his bro

Best Villains:
Joe Mccoy
Dillon, Texas
Luke's mom
Vince's dad
Meth dealer

Worst storylines:
Landry murders a dude
Matt hooks up with his grandma's nurse
Smash and his steroid ordeal
Julie and the Swede/Julie and her TA

Best catchphrases:
"Hey 6" "How's it going 7?" "What up 2 4's"
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cant Lose

dorian_j said:
Season 2 was the weakest. Landry and Tyra covering up a murder, Julie dumping Matt for 'The Swede', Matt hooking up with that nurse, Lyla joining an organization for young Christians and just the same presence of Tami's old high school boyfriend who was annoying as hell. NBC was trying to fuck up the show to appeal to a wider audience. DirectTV not only saved FNL, but also helped to mantain its quality.
yea, one of the most acclaimed shows of the 00s. You got a problem with that?
EddieHaskell said:
:hah: poeple watch this show
if the first episode of the show makes you wanna vomit, then I question your tastes
EddieHaskell said:
tried watching it in and just couldn't get into it at all. kinda made me wanna vomit :dno:
Julie's boobs >
Connie Britton (Tami) is gonna star in FX's new series, American Horror Story. Which was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy





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