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My name is D. Tucker, I'm the leader of YachtLife (Young. Ambitious. Creative. High-standard. Talented. Lifestyle.) and I'm here to bring you my latest project, the, SGIOV2, mixtape. At the bottom of this letter you'll find four of my favorite tracks from the mixtape via SoundCloud for you to listen to here within this post. However, to download the full mixtape / stream, go over to my website and do so on the sidebar: http://DwayneTucker.com

(If you're going to download my music / you like the what you hear, please take a second to hit the like button for my Facebook fan page to give some support. I can't make my history within this industry without the support of my fans. The like page thingy will pop-up on my website or you could just visit and like the page from here by following this link: http://facebook.com/242dt)

SGIOV2 (Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 2) is my latest project recently sponsored by FreshNewTracks.com; I feel blessed that they show support for art within its early stage so I'm sending a shout-out to them.

Thank you for your time, I'll close with my mission as an artist / some inspiration for you from me and leave you with four of my personal favorites tracks from SGIOV2.

I want you all to know I'm not doing this to be "cool", I want get better at my craft because that will make me the coolest. Life becomes a non-stop vacation when you make your passion your profession; I'm thankful to live out my dreams because of your support.

Enjoy the music and share the vibes with your friends,
D. Tucker | YachtLife

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