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Tracks called Pencils
catch the on-time video right here

Frak on the first verse, Jslay on the 2nd, Frak on the 3rd. Shoutout to the Band backing us up.
I composed the beat

or you can watch the error with time video on youtube (i'd prefer you didnt)

or if your my facebook friend you can give ur feedback here lol

Lyrics (Look out for the Double Entendres and play on words)

They say home is where the heart is, but when my heart is the hardest I feel like I'm hardly home,
But then I become the artist, formerly known as Frak, painting songs and drawing poems,
See writing is the home where I can never be evicted,
A place I can runaway to and never be convicted
I love this art form so much its practically criminal,
So this home where I live and dwell is a prison cell,
I guess the melody is a felony,
And I'd be charged for murder as the pen would bleed,
And the paper was convicted as the theft of my identity,
But I write my own life sentence see,
And I keep writing till I'm locked in the pen,
I Created my own trap, so its solitary confinement,
=And I might be here for life behind the bars,
But wondering whats beyond the bars makes me not mind the scars,
See the crime was so clear I already confessed,
But I'll always fight the power, I'm never taking arrest,
Till I'm America's most wanted, my face exposed,
This is Frak signing off, this case is closed

I'm taking notes until the pens singing, going through my head,
Feeling like I can do anything
Music is the meaning, the reason why I'm singing,
the movement of my feelings nowww

Its 2 am in the morn in my home with my phones in my zone writing songs till im tired,
All I need is a pad and pencil, listening to instrumentals, my thoughts echo this is special im inspired
Becoming one with the music, the movements and revolutions, put my two cents on the future im designing,
Because its language that's changed us from happiness to anguish originating from the ancient mayans
The human tongue's vibrations, sounds and words nouns and verbs,
built bridges from imagination to astounding worlds
Poetry is the instrument of the mental,
So this life, I'm living it as a pencil,
Illustrating each step, as I trace my path,
really I'm a sharpie, I cant erase my past.
Ink runs through my veins, spilling out these rhymes,
Embarking on this climb as I'm sharpening my mind,
So now you understand, the pencil gives you power in your hand,
The responsibility, of creativity,
You can create history or end it,
Each character and sentence is momentous

Cover made by rollerino



Like and View on youtube! Lets make this a hit!


To download: click the little arrow

Beat made by Frak.
I'm on the 1st and 3rd verse. My friend R.E.N is on the 2nd.
Mixed and mastered by CJ the Genesis.
Cover by Trick Fresh
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