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TrappedInMyDome said:
Can you answer this, well we be getting any new cudi any time soon besides that song for that movie? If you can't I understand
dp16 said:
Cud's got a few things up his sleeve.

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Don't hate on dp about dod, shit if I was close with cudi I wouldn't leak it
TrappedInMyDome said:
Cool head was made in like 09 too. It was going to be on cudder or something.
Lol no it was on Travis barkers album
TrappedInMyDome said:
Yeah but it was made in 09.... dp even said so....

edit: can't find when he did, maybe I was confused cause I seen 09coolhead and just figured it was made in 09 but I'm pretty sure I heard somehting that this track was old and was ment for cudder but that obv didnt happen so it went onto tb's album. Idk I'll keep searching for an answer lol.
but travis barker is in it :kanyeshrug:

are u thinking of buggin out?
TrappedInMyDome said:
Yee cudder was ment to be a collab album with a bunch of ppl like travis barker, kings of leon and whsuch.

I know I do my thing was supposed to be on it too. But yee  I'm almost certain that this was made awhile ago and supposed to be on it cause I have a really good memory when it comes to this shit and I totally remember seeing something that this was made awhile ago, I shall keep looking doe haha. Till then  :hat:
oh ok thanks

shit i wanna hear that kings of leon :allears:
TrappedInMyDome said:
Yee me 2, one day, one day maybe. Here's him talking about ft's and the album http://theneptunes.org/kid-cudi-has-clipse-robin-thicke-lined-up-for-%E2%80%9Ccudder%E2%80%9D-collabo-album/ but he scrapped it for motm2 like i said and this is what he said about that if you wanna check it out http://www.hiphopsite.com/2010/04/20/kid-cudi-announces-man-on-the-moon-2-the-legend-of-mr-rager/
oh shit ill read that, thanks a lot

yeah i think the clipse one was angels and demons
1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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