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For the impatient fans

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TrappedInMyDome said:
Can you answer this, well we be getting any new cudi any time soon besides that song for that movie? If you can't I understand
dp16 said:
Cud's got a few things up his sleeve.

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TrappedInMyDome said:
He runs www.datenewcudi.com
Oh I see, cool! Is he a buddy of cudi ? And why does he have 3 versions of DoD ?? :cry:
TrappedInMyDome said:
Yee, pre much. He started www.datnewcudi.com (not datenewcudi my bad) and it was pre much the first place all the cudi fans went for new cudi info and crap so it became basically the official blog of cudi so I think that's why cudi doesnt blog and just does his tumblr twitter thing now. But yee idk guess cudi just gave him them, he has a bunch of un released cudi stuff and prob new shit, but yee pretty much the most credible source for cudi stuff besides cudi himself.
Damn, I should start a cudi blog.... datnewcudi is great, have the concert section as my home page :D

1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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