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Who will win at the end of the season?

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It's back!!
If new members want to join just post your name

Post Season Awards
Next Manager To Get Sacked Award -
Top Goalscorer Award -
Top Assist Award -
FA Cup Winner Award -
League Cup Winner Award -
Most Fouled Player Award -
Premier League Winner Award -
Relegation Winner Award (3 teams) -
Your Team's Final Position Award -
SPL Winner Award -
Young Player Of The Year Award -
First Player To Score An Own Goal Award -
First Player To Score A Hatrick Award -
Winner Of The Klive Fantasy League Award -
Npower Championship Winner Award -

Award Descriptions
MOTM Team of the Week Award (I pick a match every week and we need to predict who will get man of the match)
TOTFG Match Of The Week Award (I pick a match every week and we need to predict when the first goal will be scored)
Winner Of The Fantasy League Award (I'll set up a fantasy League and who ever wins it at the end wins the award)

Join KLIVE fantasy league now!
1119158-237026 <<< Code to join

Basically, you will predict a result for every award, at the end of the season the member with the most awards wins the whole competition. I'm debating weather to have a prize for the winner to keep things competitive and interesting.
LiamBro - Everton
Cesc - Arsenal
8th Wonder - Arsenal
Micool - Arsenal
Benson - Arsenal
Wheelz Of Steel - Arsenal
Botsman Arsenal
L-B Arsenal
Mr X To The Z - Southampton
Strick - Bolton
Pato - Burnley
Sir Digby Chicken Burnley
El_G93 Hull
GMC Rangers
Rosco Manchester United
Ice 2k Manchester United
0taz.tm0 Manchester United
ryan2611 Manchester United
VR Chelsea
TheTpainStan Liverpool

Game Week 17 Standings
League Table

Micool - 24 points
Cesc - 24 points
LiamBro - 24 points
Titta - 23 points*
Benson - 22 points
Rosko - 20 points
Taz. - 19 points
L-B - 19 points
Mr x to the Z - 17 points
SirDigbyChicken 15 points
Pato - 16 points
GMC - 10 points
Strick - 9 point
Ice2k - 3 point
Bad Boy 3 points
Original 3 points
VR - 2 points
JH: 2 points
London: 2 points
Ryan 2611 - 2 points
Mr Breezy - 2 points
Kale 07 2 points
J Defoe - 1 point
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