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For those of you who remember the old gamer thread from Klive I brought the classic back :datass:
this is how it works:

- you recommend a GOOD flash game by posting a link.
-I'll play it and take a screenie of it, after which i'll post it in the OP with the link.
- I'll post the name of the person who contributed to the finding of the game under the screenie.
- I'll keep track of stats and post everyone's high score under the game in the OP (I require a screenie for verification).

*The only requirement is that the game is GOOD, it doesn't need to have a high score system*

that's about it so, any recommendations?

Alice is Dead - Adventure/puzzle (point and click game)
"Do you have what it takes to get out of Wonderland, and more importantly, figure out who you are?"


Depict1 - Brilliant action adventure/puzzle game


Contributed by: RelaxRelapse

Turtle Toss


High Scores:
Contributed by: Rice

Sonny 2 - The only flash RPG you should be playing.


Contributed by: MTP



Contributed by: Kashif


1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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