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Meet the people who comprise exactly 100% of Yeezus' fanbase. http://www.redeyechicago.com/entertainment/music/redeye-5-types-of-kanye-west-fans-20130617,0,5401488.photogallery?index=redeye-the-5-types-of-kanye-west-fans-20130617-001

1.The Intellectual

Where you can find them: Any publication that still has a physical print version.

Possible quote:"Did you know that Kanye West is a brash and vitriolic construct at the intersection of Black masculinity and institutionalized class warfare? Now that I've made that vague, but smart-sounding opening line, allow me to beat you over the head with repeated attempts to teach you about this band that opened for Zapp, War and Santana four times in June 1977. Kanye plays a minor note on Track 3 that TOTALLY was lifted from them. Also, I'll be using the following terms no less than eight times: "Lush,""Vivid imagery,""Minimalism"...I'm sorry, what are you saying? No, I'm not going to "just listen to the music." What do you think this is? KANYE WEST IS A CULTURAL ZEITGEIST AND I'LL BE DAMNED IF YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE THAT, YOU MOUTH-BREATHING IDIOT WHO HAS NEVER SEEN SIGUR ROS PLAY TO 10 PEOPLE AT JAMES MURPHY'S POOL PARTY!"

2. The Industry Insider

Where you can find them:Sitting front row at a fashion event, 'curating' a DJ set at some club that charges $59,000 for a bottle of vodka.

Possible quote: "This album was constructed in nine weeks at the spacious pool at Le Bain in New York and in the breakfast nook of my Paris loft. Kanye and I have quickly become fast friends since I met him après-ski at the snow bunny bash Riccardo Tisci threw for himself in Gstaad. He came up with the concept for the 7th song over drinks at Chief Keef concert at Pitti Uomo and I totally told him to use that Bauhaus sample. I'm bummed I missed the album release, but the Daft Punk guys had a chili cookoff and I was going to be damned if John Legend beat me again this year. To answer your original question, I was the one who produced "Who Let The Dogs Out."

3. The Chicagoan

Where to find them: Chicago, duh.

Possible quote: "Kanye is holding. It. Down. I used to shop at River Oaks and he totally sold me a pair of chinos at the Gap. You remember the "Slow Jams" video? I was the dude in the back! Remember that line in "Good Life?" Summertime Chi! Aaaaaaaaahhh! Nobody else could do that like Kanye did it, homie. "Homecoming" is my national anthem! I named my son after dude. My dog, too. I'm not trying to hear no slander put toward the god Kanyeezus St. West of the Latter-Day Saint Alfreds. My guy is on the Mt. Rushmore of Chicago alongside Ditka, Jordan and a dipped Italian beef sandwich. What do you mean, "he doesn't live here anymore?" Have you HEARD "Homecoming?"

4. The Hypebeast

Where you can find them: The internet

Possible quote:
"Look, just because you don't understand his record doesn't mean it's not the most moving piece of real life that has ever been created. If you don't understand Kanye, then you don't get fashion, style, swag, black people or leather T-shirts. Speaking of, have you noticed my new PYREX piece yet? No, I don't find it odd to pay $400 for basketball shorts with a screen print on them. You obviously don't get it. I mean, I wouldn't expect you to be into these. What are they? Oh, I took my grandmother's diabetes Velcro shoe and added spikes and a crushed velvet Nike swoosh. I once stood next to Kanye at an event and he glanced down at my shoes. I was stepping on his toe, but he totally appreciated the purpose of my statement. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go retweet every single thing he and everyone he's affiliated with have tweeted in the last three months. At least THEY get it."

5. Everyone else

Where you can find them: Not on the internet.

Possible quote:
Kanye West? Psh, he's SO arrogant! Do you remember that quote he said? Like, he thinks that Jesus looked like him or something? I mean, I'm still mad about that thing he said seven years ago that I can't actually recall at this point. Do you know he once went on stage at an awards show and punched Taylor Swift in the left boob? The nerve of him! Ugh. I loved that "Gold Digger" song he did though. My girls kept singing that "And when he get on, he leave yo ass for a white girl" part though. Wasn't really into that. Have you seen him and Kim Kardashian, by the way? What is she even famous for? I mean, I've seen every episode of her show but she's the absolute worst, isn't she?"

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