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First time you EVER heard lupe spit

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Dont know if this was made already but. Conflict Diamonds :problem?:
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Touch The Sky... wasnt really into Kanye/Lupe back then. Hell I wasnt even big on Lupe when Superstar came out.. smh. He's one of my favorties now, though :D
This has been made before, but Touch The Sky.
but seriously, prob conflict diamonds or failure, idk which one came first
when i heard failure in my earlier Lu days I just " :wom: " for the next few weeks

hell to this day i still " :wom: "
kick push video on one of those mtv countdowns
Kick Push when i was like a 7th grader
Superstar on the radio
Lupe Tha Killlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
think the first time for me was paris, tokyo. but i didnt pay any attention to it.
the song that got me into Lu was his feature on be somebody by fort minor
Kick Push, but it wasn't that got me into him though. The cool album is what got me into him. My bro had it in the car while we went places.
I Really Got Into Him When I Heard 'Real' On My Way To School....
kevcudi said:
kick push video on one of those mtv countdowns
Kick push back in 7th grade..curently in 12th grade ;)
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