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[Verse One]

Fiasco thats my name don't wear it out especially in front of feds that want to know my where-abouts
Where the house and his stash-box at ?
How he live where he is who he flash glocks at ?
And them hurt play boys rock all types of chains so we gotta dog-fight all night we the range its all right
You know I be the all time small nine carrier all across America with the (???)
Who done pulled out more babies than he Cliff Huxtable ?
He is W, A-S with the A-R and the L-S with V-S(Vest)and his ch-arm on get you jealous they get perplexed
Buck shots or what not
Who tough top get stuck in they mouth like gum-drops
These playas think they're immune but I got chip booms that will put them in tread fumes resume

[Verse Two]

****** taking mine not permissible on visual only physical ****** don't believe in God make them spiritual
He make it out that whip its a miracle
No salad dressing just dress him in his best and bless him my set is so augmented
I take it if its local Fed-Ex if it distant
The business
Mostly sold to the block
Only told to my pops
Only for if its a lot the glocks And the watch I dropped
Sealing when I'm peeling
Shop meetings by the season for the freaks'them
Two pair of jeans and decent
****** praying I don't see em
MC's is praying I don't see em(CM)
I'm franchise now
They just playing for the season
I'ma have shoes next year the way I do this here
I dominate they Domino
It's common though typically, lyrically catch yourself slipping with me

[Verse Three]

I'm quite sinister facing two murders one verbal one vehicular
Whipping ah
Pearl white tight with the cinema
Two tears black killing ya
A few years back was the red room distributor
Looking ill'er I-L's with the temperature
Skytell on vibrate hide mail from pirates
****** is pussy and bleed vinegar
Chill-Illy on the index (???) on the MX mack millies
And for-really all you insects one hit wonders don't streak like Windex
Michigan for the caper
Mr. Chan get the paper
Laundromats in Hong Kong with the accent saying cat trying to wack my smack connect
Before he get clipped make sure my stacks correct
Hoes get invaded Cadillacs get wrecked
No Problemo long as my habitats in check
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