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Fire & Desire too GOAT :ffpu:

You just like my sidekick
I just wanna wife and fufill all your desires
Keep you in the front, never in the back
And never On the side
You a real ass women and I like it
I don't wanna fight it

Yass Papi :ffpu:

Top 3 Drake song, this deserves to be number 1 :jordancry:

Got them Take Care vibes from this song

Song been on repeat non stop

Thank you Drake for this masterpiece



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A Mad Ass ***** said:

Pls explain.....
Look, you know I'm a rider, nothin' left to hide
Your other ***** tired
Talk about you like you'll never leave his side
But I don't really buy it
Me I'm movin' quiet, all the things we're tryin'
Let's just keep it private (don't say anything)
Tell me should I cut these other girls right out of my life?
Cause we never decided
Tell me how you feel inside

That is not simping. That is him talking the same way he was talking on Come and See Me. He isn't wallowing in sadness

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I figure you, you figure out me we both a different breed
I'm following your lead I ask you what you need you say a guarantee
I mean you say that like it's easy, you never believed me

:cryfam: goat song since marvins room
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