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Matt and I have been working on this. Its not finalized, we want to go over it with everyone to make sure we're all down. Also, we need people to make speeches so if you are interested please reach out to Matt or I.

11:30- all meet by William Tecumseh Sherman statue (go over schedule, group photo, go over chants, give out flyers and cds for distribution, do any pre-interviews) Basically prepare for march/protest

12:00- begin march to Atlantic (2-5 people across marching to prevent blocking of traffic and/or pedestrian walking) chants the whole time while marching, possibly playing songs for a walking sing along

1:00- arrive at Atlantic and protest officially begins outside Atlantic

1:00-1:30: Speeches:

1:35-Reading of Lasers Manifesto

1:35-2:00: series of chants, rally calls, singing songs a capella

2:00-2:30: Play Lupe songs over sound system

2:30-3:00: biography of Lupe Fiasco and description of charity

3:00-4:00: Time set aside for potential concert, chants, press, or anything the group wants to do.


-enable all phones, if not already, to have Twitter/Facebook/Internet to constantly post updates/pictures/videos during the rally

-make your own signs (we will have extras, but can’t promise them for everyone) with the release date, “Victory” or anything you’d like.

-please bring your own camera to document the event

-burn copies of Lupes Mixtapes for distrubution

-Print copies of Lasers Manifesto for distribution

-be respectful to all people

-No profanity.

-Wear FF shirts, or black and camo

-wear username badges if you are Lupe forum poster

-Absolutely no violence.


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Kale07 said:
Matt you gotta do me a couple favors if you meet Lu at fiasco friday.

1. Ask him when he's gonna come do a show in atlanta ;)
2. Ask him if that "flow is Armageddon, might smite crows/cruise from the sky" line really meant to be a quintuple entendre or am I just reaching hahaha

ok will do man no problem - and hes gonna laugh at the 2nd one lol
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