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Eric Jones Verse 1:

Underrated, discriminated against/
How can I get this point across to all of my friends?/
The killa, the beat blood spilla/
Flow harder than Dwayne "Rock" Johnson you chinchillas/
And I been chillin for a minute but now I'm back and I'm in it/
I'm the illest and I'm winnin' (Hah)/
Sinnin everyday like a pirate/
But I'm the dopest in the game no need to fight it (Huh)/
Iris locked hard on to my target guess I'm a hip-hop Pilot/
Because I'm steerin the game and I be hearin my name/
Uh! shout it louder cuz I like it/
So scream scream!/
But be a little quiet please so you dont wake me from my dream/
My team prolly be/
The most mind blowing thing I think you prolly ever seen/
Its like something out a scene/
Of a movie roll the clip this one we get green/
Im sick of ya'll talkin trash/
Thinkin you can come up and take my spot up on these tracks/
I'm irreplaceable so you should place my quotes/
On a pedestal with a sign that says "I'm Back"/
Hah, Now run it back/
Listen to my rhymes over and over again in your head/
I be on some mess/
I be on some other shit like a **** dude rapin a les/
And scrapin the bed for placenta ya boy so demented/
So I pop bottles quicker than Pez/
That mean I'm sick in the head sick in the bed/
Ya girlfriend knows cuz she's so sick with the head/
I'm rippin this beat Lupe, Pharrell, & Yeezy/
Can you see me now or do I need some infared/

Fenix Verse 2:

16 is never enough they tell me (Don't Stop)/
32's I'm puttin' em up they hope I (Don't Stop)/
Lyrical slaughter get caught up then it's over/
You couldn't see my range in a rover/
Sober, No my eyes red as hell tho/
Higher than the heavens untill my eyes fell low/
Sell those CD's to the fans in the land of Japan/
Ring tones in they hand on they cellphones/
International and I ain't even tryin hard/
King Lionhart in England out buyin art/
They don't like ya shit but they be buyin ours/
Ride got the "B" with the wings like a flyin car/
I am armed with so much knowledge/
College dropped it but I ain't forgot shit/
Graduated flight school livin in cockpits/
Drop gyms in high schools when i drop in/
Stoppin when my pockets stuffed like stockins/
Got them to pay attention time to lock in/
Rockin every beat like I'm Rakim/
Best to ever do it I ain't give em any options/
Life can be sometimes ridiculous/
"So Appalled" in this bitch but whats the difference/
If it is dividends guess that means I'm winnin this/
Women is fightin over me and who I'm sittin with/
This is it homie you can tell ya kids you witnessed it/
Flippin shit over every bar man I'm rippin this/
Switch a bit you know it's still game over/
Flow harder that eight boulders ya save folder/
Overflowin from this young child rebel state soldier/
Aim lower at fake lames who ain't Hova/
Way colder than J. Coler the takeover flame thrower/
Set fire to everything that ain't smoldered/

DOWNLOAD: http://usershare.net/e169shmcg4lv
ALT. LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?z3cdkvjp75ff7ga
ALT LINK 2: http://www.zshare.net/audio/817850521900b20d/
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