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atl said:
I cant stand nas, lolol
2001 said:
Old Eminem=Dope, New Eminem= Sucks like OJ Da Juiceman
AkA said:
Nas then Lu then Cole then Blu
Hate all of them ^
iHateFJ said:
NaS, Jay-Z, Em, Kanye, CuDi, Game & K'naan
Dope selections, Expect Nas.
That Kid Eric said:
Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Mos Def, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Curren$y
Mos Def I never fucked with him, Is he good? Charles Hamilton and Curren$y are dope, you like khalifa at all?
DirkDiggler said:
Kid Cudi. Mostly cus he's not just a rapper, I love his music.

My other fav's are Lupe, Em, Kanye, Wiz, and Wale's good too.
No rapper's are like just rappers these days, Lupe sucks and thanks for putting wiz :awesome:
1 - 20 of 219 Posts
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