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Favorite song?

Favorite Song? [Poll]

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Kan-Yeezy said:
How do you already have it?
it's out
Kan-Yeezy said:
How do you already have it?
It's on iTunes already.
Jay is murdering Ye on Nigs in Paris...
cant even decide right now. its a tie between lift off, ****** in paris, murder to excellence and no church in the wild right now. so i voted for HAM.
For me it's way too early to decide!!! This album was really worth the hype imo!!!!!!
Dat Kid said:
That's My Bitch for me

Mostly because La Roux just completes the song with her wonderfullness

New Day so far, but even after a buttload of listens I still love The Joy
Feels like on all 3 songs with singers, the singing was better than the rapping :work:
Voted for Why I Love You. It was a toss up between that and IMA
i voted new day but no church in the wild, welcome to the jungle, and primetime are all up there for me
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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