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Favorite Curren$y quotes

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"wack ****** sleep rappin they done woke up in trouble, you was cool ten years ago you fuckin lex bubbles"

"mission impossible completed, obstacles of optical illusions, we dont really see em"

"Listening to Nature playin Sega till the plane lands" >>>>>>>>>>>>>
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"Fuck em though if the foot was in the other shoe them ****** will stand on you to get a better view"
"Wear what u can't buy, fly to where u can't be"
"By the strength of the quality weed smell You can tell that I'm somewhere in the building on my Batman shit ****** suspended from the ceiling Not really, but that's the way the weed got me feeling"
"Roll sum you ain't here just to be a bad bitch"
"Currensy tha hot spitta if you know somebody sicka you better call the bounteen to quarantine that ***** yeah!"
"You got the ps3 you love yo kid, ima play his shit since he not here"
Lame ****** lyin' to they bitches
Sayin' that they hang with us
We was in the same club
But that don't mean that you came with us

Better get it together :datass:
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From the very beginning, I just felt I was better
Than a lot of these ******, they are not on my level
You are not competition, just a step on the ladder
Top of the division, write my name on the banner
F.S. Jets, Winning is the only thing that matters
Goat line:

lamedisths emaridiz my whole cimendiddlebinny
"ODD number, you are not EVEN, on my level"
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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