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PeeeeeJaaaaay said:
Ight ill do some more research it a bit more, once I get it ill let you no. Thanks bro
creed sucks.. way over priced..

check out By Kilian

I have Amber Oud..shit is fuego.......$390 for 1.5oz
"Amber Oud is a soft, warm and sensual composition built on the fusion between these two ancestral raw materials: Amber and Oud. The objective was to deconstruct/reconstruct amber by taking the animalistic qualities of a dark oud and adding richness through an overdose of vanilla from Madagascar and benzoin from Laos. Cedarwood from Atlas then brings structure to this creation by keeping the balsamic notes in balance. Finally, a touch of spice from Pimenta Racemosa (Bay Leaf) essence brings light to this oriental composition, similar to the light that one often finds in a Vermeer painting."

Back to Black...fuego.....$235 for 1.5oz
"if you enjoy the velvet-smooth, burning liquid umber of a great cognac and the hay-like scent of tobacco steeped in fruit and honey, or sipping a fine amaretto on a bed of moss. Who doesn’t?

Back to Black is an olfactory trip to Arabia – or perhaps to the exotica-mad 1920s, when Caron gave Tabac Blond to sultry, cigarette-smoking garçonnes. The tobacco accord is slyly evoked through the herbal, faintly animalic scent of chamomile laced with honey; the honey in its turn conjures faintly floral aromas. Throughout its development, Back to Black runs through a palette of subtly gourmand flavors, from ripe, almost fermented raspberry to the dry cocoa powder of patchouli, along with almond and vanilla, without ever veering into tooth-aching sweetness thanks to the bitter, cooling effect of cardamom, coriander, vetiver and moss. It stretches out languorously on the skin for hours, displaying its dark facets, leaving you hungry for more Arabian nights in its amber glow."

Taste of Heaven......$235 for 1.5oz
"Inspired by absinthe, bittersweet nectar of poets, A Taste of Heaven has nothing in common with the herbal fragrances that usually carry the absinthe name. This perfume gives an initial burst of orange blossom then blossoms into a heart of Turkish rose, which is joined by the deep brown, woody hues of patchouli and oak moss. This surprising garden is enhanced with rich and a fresh sprig of French lavender, while Bourbon vanilla pulls double duty as both an anchor and a rich, fluid and sweet player throughout the scent. A Taste of Heaven falls more on the elegant side of masculinity yet retains all the seduction and power that can only come from a fragrance that combines so many opposites. It’s unpredictable"
621 - 640 of 672 Posts
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