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Family holding grudges

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I'm 16 and I pranked messaged my 33 yr old uncle this April fools. I spanned his box with one letter mail and told him to stay away from my wife. I used a caller id changer app and told him it was me. I had help from my family but they don't want him to know. So when I go to his sons 1st birthday today he attacks me then starting cussing. I heard of holding grudges but hes being childish with it I'm not the only person in the family he has grudges with.  Hes one of my favorite uncles but I don't feel I'm in the wrong. What should I do? I  went home after this since I live 5 min away.
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Mothas2 said:
I wasn't gonna call him but my mom made me. Now there not talking since he.attacked me(he weighs 248)
Don't call the police, let me take care of him please.

PM address, phone number, and favorite flavor of Doritos
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