Kanye to The banner
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Dennis The Man said:
Man Thank You.
Thats Some Rare Fotage.!
Evan. said:
M00nManKennage said:
this is awesome.

edit: awesome does not describe this video...makes me really happy to be a Kanye West fan from back then and stick with him up until now. makes me all giggly inside. lmao.
i got you ******, you already know! a fellow ktigga posted this a while ago an i bookmarked that shit like pronto cuz i knew itd be useful in the future, cant remember the users name but here is a formal shoutout to fam. :clap:

feat.charliewilson said:
it should be compulsary for every song to be feat. john legend
some truth rite there, john legend on live versions shits on tony williams, much love to tony, but aside from Al Green, John Legend has the best male vocals ever.
MrMido21 said:
is it just me or Don C is the Dj?!! lol Great stuff!
the the the the the the the THE CANNON!!!!!!!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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