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u feelim it

  • HYFR hella uya fuckin right (i made this akronym up myself)

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  • no because i get no pussy

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g shock on my arm
i fucked ur bitch jermaine are you upset that
i have two eyebrows gang for life
I spit that Wonderama shit, me and my conglomerates
Shall remain anonymous, caught up in the finest shit
Get that type of media coverage Obama get, spit that Kurt Vonnegut
That blow your brain Kurt Cobain, that Nirvana shit
Who gon' bring the game back?
Who gon' spit that Ramo on the train tracks
That gold rope, that five-finger ring rap
Runnin' with my same pack
You can find the Christ where the lepers and the lames at
Life is like a dice game:
One roll could land you in jail or cutting cake, blowing kisses in the rice rain
Nice whip, nice chain, a closet of skulls
The stench is like slave blood at Providence Hall, yeah
They built my city on top of a grave
***** die, ***** get high and watch the parade
Back in the early '90s
"Where they at, where they at?
Get the gat, get the gat" was a popular phrase
Bally Animals and Rugbys was a popular craze
This the vivid memoirs of a obnoxious slave
I pave ways like Nat and Harriet
I blast on Judas Iscariot and peel off in the chariot
I'm sitting pretty, spitting flames, gripping grains
Ain't a damn thing changed

First off, fuck your bitch
And the eyebrow you claim
West side when we ride
Come equipped with game
You claim to be a player
But I fucked your face
We bust on fat eyebrows
****** fuck for Life
j cole tryin' to see me weak
Hearts I rip
j cole and his stylists
Some mark ass bitches
We keep on coming
While we running for your jewels
Steady gunning
Keep on busting at them fools
You know the rules
kendrick lamar go ask you homie
How I'll leave you
Cut your young ass up
See you in pieces
Now be deceased
Big Eyebrow,
Don't fuck around with real G's
Quick to snatch your ugly ass, off the streets
So fuck peace
I'll let them ****** know
It's on for Life
Don't let the west side
Ride the night (ha ha)
Bad Boys murdered on Wax and kill
fuck with me
And get your caps peeled
You know
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