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Exhibit Syn

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Coming tomorrow. Freestyle over Exhibit C
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idk what this means tbh
ZiLLY said:

Btw, this goin head up with sages exhibit s
ZiLLY said:
This beat was remixed like 748395893747382929472791010184738 times in 09. Now it's starting to relapse.
▲Sage. said:
5 minutes boi
I went in for like 2 and a half. Cuz you said earlier you went in for like 3. I might have to add some more now idk though. The verse I wrote only lasted like a minute and half, so i had to improvise. I might have to add more now though
▲Sage. said:
i went in for 5 minutes
i dont understand tbh, am so tired right now
▲Sage. said:
shoulda just let you burn :sarc2:
orly? Shit Ima have to go do this third part then. Is yours mixed btw?
▲Sage. said:
think i should drop at midnight

Exclusive news!!! Exhibit Syn coming at 12:30
▲Sage. said:
by me :dno: been mixin it for a few hours to get it right
this ain't no laughing matter

R.o.B said:
Pushed back about 10-15 minutes, because theres a robber in my area and cops are searchin houses, because people might be hiding him and there in my house right now, shits akward.
K they left, recording third part now, then I just have to put it in mp3 and upload
ayyy, you have any idea whats wrong with my program? Its mixcraft I recorded my third part, listened to it, and it sounded all staticy, first time I had this problem, its not the mic or anything, but it sounds really weird.
▲Sage. said:
nvm, it was in some ASIO thing, I just swtiched to WAV or whatever, recording third now
its a simple program, only reason I use it tbh, but im out for a couple of minutes
Ivy Crimson said:
hmm I love Mixcraft when it came out, all my first recordings was on that

I guess its coming at 1:10 if the upload time is correct. Fuck dis internet connection
Jesse said:
gangsta shit
13.35 seconds and coutning
▲Sage. said:
lol yup. I gotta demo of that, I was like, why aint the beat comin through my headphones
Ivy Crimson said:
It's way better than Audacityyyy
In da meantime, big ass racoon on my back porch, should I be a G?
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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