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Lupe used to be my favorite rapper of all-time.
I really payed attention to what he was saying in his songs. Those early mixtapes, those lines on F&L and Cool about politics and social problems...they got me everytime. Real music, no BS.
Lupe knows about the struggle and did his best to represent it in his songs.

Now I love Lupe but we all know he ain't the same.

I can't really listen to the same songs for years so I needed other socially charged, introspective music. A problem is that the beats/songwriting of such rappers often isn't not so good so there isn't really that much to choose from.

So then I started listening to Lil B...

Now, I ain't saying Lil B is lyrically on Lupe's level. Lupe still the king of metaphors, one of the best story-tellers, a modern-day poet. No front.

But I just wanted songs about real issues and I have the feeling Lupe won't rap too much about stuff like that on T&Y. Of course we don't know yet but from what we've heard so far, it's kinda mixed...Lasers had its moments (All Black Everything is beautiful), F&L2 too (Strange Fruition really hit home), but something's missing...I don't know what though!

Lupe still the GOAT but I need new stuff and Lil B got loads of conscious, real tracks with great beats and heartfelt lyrics. He ain't droppin knowledge like Lu but he really emotional.

Listen first, then judge:

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

Any other artists you recommend?

One love.
Peace in the Middle East,

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Not mad at you. Lil b is great. People who don't like him, hat themselves. I'm Gay is incredible. So good musically. As far as conscious stuff, have you heard, jonylah forever, animal pharm, poor decisions.
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