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Hey Kanye, I'm a nobody, but I feel what I have to say is worth your time
You must know this.

College Dropout is GOAT my man, that shit is goat...but then you dropped LR and that shit was even MORE FUCKING GOAT!!!!!

But then you dropped Graduation and got pop on us Ye :cryfam: ... AND THAT SHIT WAS GOAT TOO *****

but then you had to fuck it all up and drop 808 and Trashbreaks.


MBDTF was GOAT bro on some real shit

Then U dropped WTT with ur lil homie. That was cool, bc HALF FUCKING GOAT (your parts) mixed with crine u trash as shit (JAY's PARTS) makes for cool but you still were GOAT.

Yeezus wtf was that :what: I was listening like bro wtf :drakewhat: this shit is goat

You had weird songs like I Am A God and I was like wait...this ***** is lying. "I Am A God" ***** the fuck you mean :drakewhat: "I Am God" thats more accurate :whew: this shit goat :binowhat:

Then you drop the life of pablo, shoulda called that shit the life of GOATLO bc that shit was goat *****!!! You fucking goat lunatic

Bur that's all, I hope you understand and share my feelings.

Love, E.K
1 - 20 of 69 Posts